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Spain is a miracle
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Spain is a miracle
I have to admit it. I love Spain! It has become my second home country, where I've lived and worked as a journalist since 1991, when I left Denmark.
Since then, Spain has changed a lot. And even more since the fascist-general Francisco Franco passed away in 1975. Today it's a modern, well-functioning democracy - so different from the poor and isolated country, tortured by nearly four decades of dictatorship.
No other country in Europe or the whole world has done what Spain has done in such few years: to change  - politically, economically, socially, culturally - from a second class state, that nobody counted with, into a dynamic, first class country, that many admires and looks up to
Yes, SPAIN is a miracle…

, because it went from dictatorship to democracy in a peaceful and civilized way. A handful of military officers tried to turn the democracy down in 1981. But King Juan Carlos stood up against the conspirators, and that was it.
…economically, because the country in spite of the crisis these past few years is among the ten largest economies of the world.
…socially, because the weak and the old people are taken care of, the kids go to school from 4 years, the homosexuals have more rights than in most other countries.
…culturally, because Spanish art, fashion, music, film, architecture, wine and food have conquered the world. But the traditions remain: flamenco, bullfights and folkloristic local fiestas.

That's what makes Spain so different and interesting. And that's why the world needs more and more information about this sunny and friendly country, which has become a reference to everybody.

And that's exactly what I'm here for: To share my knowledge about the miracle with YOU.

Since 1991 I've travelled to every corner of the Iberian peninsular, written hundreds of articles for newspapers and special reports for magazines and done interviews for radio and television.